Dr. Bensons's Newsletter

Dr. Bensons's Newsletter

Inappropriate Urination-Feline

by Greg Benson D.V.M on 09/07/10

Urinating outside the litter box can be a very frustrating thing for the household.  Most times there is a medical reason for this and can be addressed by either controlling the arthritic pain associated with getting in and out of the letter box or it can be due inflammation in the bladder.  Treating these problems many times will correct the inappropriate urination.

Sometimes it is due to a behavioral issue that can be more difficult to correct.  Behavioral inappropriate urination is more common when there is multiple cats in the household.  Treatment for behavioral problems should be very aggressive early because the longer the problem goes on the harder it is to get it resolved and sometimes the behavior is persistent despite treatment.

We recommend:

  1. Diagnose and treat all medical issues.
  2. Add an additional one or more litter boxes.
  3. Remove the hoods from the litter boxes.
  4. Change to the former litter if a new one was used when the problem began.
  5. Clean the carpet and the pad.
  6. Start Buspirone (an anti-anxiety medication)
  7. Use Feliway spray on all areas of urination EXCEPT litter boxes.
  8. Use cat attract litter or additive.
  9. Do all these things initially to increase the success of stopping the inappropriate urination.

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